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Selasa, 27 Oktober 2009

Jennifer Hudson are blossoming her career

Jennifer Hudson has spent the past few months recovering from the tragic murder of her mother, brother and nephew. Now, both her personal life and her career are blossoming.

Wednesday night, the star returned to the place that first brought her into our living rooms, American Idol. Following the Motown-themed show, the season-three, seventh-place finisher—who famously went on to win a Grammy and an Oscar—taped a performance of her single "If This Isn't Love" to air on the show at a later date.

Following the performance, Hudson, whose tour alongside Robin Thicke kicks off on March 31, spilled a few beans to Ryan Seacrest. When asked about her engagement and upcoming nuptials to David Otunga, she admitted a date had been set.

"Yeah, but it's a secret," the 25-year-old singer said. "I can't tell anybody."

Hudson gushed a little further when she taped her Thursday-afternoon appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

After the two sang "And I'm Telling You I'm Not Going" from DreamGirls as part of the show's Bathroom Concert Series, the host asked about the happy couple.

"We're like big kids, so we like to ride bikes, and one thing I like to do is I put my dog in her little basket and put her on my back and then we ride the bike to the dog park," Hudson told her.

DeGeneres, as usual, had an appropriate engagement gift: a romantic bicycle built for two.

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